Bridge Score Pads

Piatnik bridge gift set If you're going to play bridge, you need bridge score pads (or scorepads - I'm never sure which).  These used to be found in every stationery store across America, but no longer.  They are, though, still available.

Since one also needs two decks of bridge-size playing cards to play bridge, the most convenient solution I've found is to purchase bridge gift sets, sometimes called bridge ensembles. 

Most of the sets are made by Piatnik of Austria (my favorite), but there is also a set from KEM, in which the playing cards are all-plastic (very durable, more expensive), and Congress, which I believe are now manufactured in Spain.

So, there's my solution.  Most of the sets are around $14, and that's really not bad at all when you consider that you'd probably pay close to that for the two decks of cards. 

One last word - bridge gift sets, as the name implies, make great gifts!  If you're looking for a perfect gift for someone who plays bridge, this is it. 






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