Dream Interpretation - The Meaning of Dreams

By D. J. McAdam.

 "Could we but mould our dreams at will,
And keep them free from harm or ill,
How pleasant it would be,
To deem our waking hours but dreams,
And that, our life which now but seems
A baseless fantasy."
                                      -- Lady M. W. Montague


General Rules for Dream Interpretation

Dream Dictionary - Key to Dreams


The Dreamer

"If a maid wishes to know whom she is to marry, if a man of wealth, tradesman, or traveler, let her, on All-Hallow-e’en, take a walnut, hazelnut, and nutmeg; grate and mix them with butter and sugar into pills, and take when she goes to bed; and then, if her fortune be to marry a rich man, her sleep will be filled with gold dreams; if a tradesman, she will dream of odd noises and tumults; if a traveler, there will be thunder and lightning to disturb her."

(This is taken from Games for Halloween, first published in 1912)

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