Military Toasts

military men

May our commanders have the eye of a Hawke and the heart of a Wolfe.

To the memory of Wellington and all like him.

Chelsea Hospital and its supporters.

To the memory of George Washington.

May the enemyís flag be surmounted by the American standard.

May the arms borne by a soldier never be used in a bad cause.

May American soldiers fight to protect, and conquer to save.

May the gifts of fortune never cause us to steer out of our latitude.

May the brow of the brave never want a wreath of laurel to adorn it.

May the army of America never feel dismayed at its enemies.

May the brave soldier who never turned his back to the enemy never have a friend turn his back to him.

May bronze and medals not be the only reward of the brave.

May no rotten members infect the whole corps.

May the laurels of America never be blighted.

May all weapons of war be used for warlike purposes only.

May the soldier never fall a sacrifice but to glory.

To the memory of all brave soldiers who fall in defense of their country.

The memory of a great general and splendid genius, though ambitious and tyrannicalóNapoleon Bonaparte.


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