Murder a la Carte Mystery Party Games

When murder is on the menu, you're in for an evening of fun!  Hosts and their guests assume the roles of suspicious characters and solve the mystery with the help of a clever narrator on audio CD.  

Each Murder a la Carte murder mystery game from Bepuzzled comes complete with:

Staying Alive is a disco theme game.  Platform shoes...polyester leisure rocks...mood rings and more. In this mystery party game, you and your guests will take a trip back to the 1970’s to a trendy Manhattan disco where you can Hustle and Bump your way through nostalgic fun and mystery mayhem. Zany DJ Wolfguy Jake will be there to entertain you, but club owner Jackie Fever won’t – she’s danced her last dance, and one of your guests is her killer! It’s up to the rest of you to find out who.

Pasta, Passion and Pistols was the first in the series, and is still very popular - perhaps because everyone loves Italian food.

A Taste for Wine and Murder is great for folks who enjoy wine and good times.

Lethal Luau is a very flexible game - it can be done around a pool, but we've also known folks who've done it in the middle of winter, just to beat cabin fever.

Murder On the Grill is lots of fun, and easy to do; who doesn't like hamburgers?

Murder at Mardi Gras

Icicle Twist

Discontinued Titles No Longer Available:



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