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A (Very) Brief Bio

By D. J. McAdam

I was a stamp collector before I learned to read (which made stamp identification challenging), and began dealing in stamps part-time at the age of eighteen. Although college and the demands of a full-time career in telecommunications interrupted this business pursuit, I remained personally active in philately as a collector and also developed a strong interest in book collecting. In 1998 I left the telecommunications industry and opened Wooden Horse Books, an antiquarian bookstore in Poultney, Vermont, which I managed for several years. The djmcadam.com website was started around that same time.

The bookstore, which had an active philatelic literature section as well as an active section devoted to games and playing cards, was closed in 2007 when I accepted a position with the United States government. The government career required that I relocate - first to Washington, DC, then to Albuquerque, New Mexico and, finally, to southern Arizona area where I currently reside. I (happily!) retired from government service in 2016.


Why Are There So Many Odd (or Oddly Interesting) Things on This Website?

When you've had a website since 1997, you end up with a lot of information! I rarely remove a page, on the theory that someone, somewhere may still be interested in the information it contains. The reason for the information on stamp collecting and book collecting is readily understood. Since I once owned a business that also dealt in things like mystery party games, jigsaw puzzles and playing cards, you'll also find information related to those subjects. The category of "playing cards" also included tarot cards and fortune-telling cards, which also led to writings on folklore, which led to . . . I could go on, but am sure the idea has been conveyed. And how could anyone interested in books not have articles on literature on his website?



I'm a (Dealer) member of the American Philatelic Society. I'm also a member of MEPSI, the Mexico-Elmhurst Philatelic Society, International.






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