Bee Playing Cards

Information and Identification Guide for Playing Card Collectors



The illustration on the left, and following illustrations, are taken from Hoyle's Rules for Card Games, specifically, the 1928 edition published by the New York Consolidated Card Co., Long Island City, N.Y.  The Box and the Ace of Spades both indicate that the deck in question is No. 92 Club Special "Bee" Playing Cards, manufactured by the N.Y. Consolidated Card Co.  Three allover backs are shown: No. 32, No. 35, and No. 67.  Like most of the decks manufactured by the company at that time, cards were available with either smooth or cambric finish.



Above, we see a 2-page spread showing No. 92 Bee Border backs.  (Note that the term "Club Special" is not used.)  On the left-hand page we see the Angel Back, along with Back Nos. 86, 122, and 126.  On the right-hand page, we see Back Nos. 154, 181, 182, and 221.  Back No. 182 has a stylized bee worked into the design.


Turning to No. 97 Bee Pinochle Playing Cards, we find these offered in the Angel Back, and Back Nos. 86, 274, and 275.


No. 68 Bee Bridge Playing Cards were offered in the Angel Back, Back No. 137, and Back Nos. 143 and 138, the latter two being available in either blue or red. 

No. 68 Bee Bridge Playing Cards were also available in a 2-pack box, which makes sense, and in Back No. 357.  We are informed that Design No. 357 was made in red, blue, green and brown.


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