Brewing Trouble

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Murder a la Carte Murder Mystery Party Game

Hey beer lovers! It's the Rocky Mountain High Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado and you're here for a good time - not a long time. You and your friends have arrived for a weekend of fun, food and beer, but the 'suds' stop flowing when local micro-brewing entrepreneur, Harry Hopps, is found murdered.

The Suspects

Brandy Barleywine - Harry Hopp's partner in Crystal Springs Brewery and his devastatingly beautiful fiancée. Their explosive love-work relationship caused more than a few headaches for the now-deceased master of brew.

Hugh Guzzle - A Canadian beer expert, eh! Hugh, an official Beer Festival judge, has spent the past several years traveling the world in a quest to find a perfect beer. In his day job, Hugh negotiates foreign beer distribution rights for micro-breweries in many different countries.

Lonnie Lager - The drop-dead gorgeous Public Relations Director for Crystal Springs Brewery, Lonnie is a past World Cup ski champion. She is perfect for the job of promoting beer - she has a bubbly personality, pale blond hair and a dry sense of humor.

Bud Belcher - Owner of the upstart Belcher Beer Company, Bud has created a revolutionary new kind of beer. He plans to take the world by storm with his unique 'Millennium Beer' and is looking for investors willing to take a shot at the brass ring.

Sabrina Hartles - The wicked witch of tabloid TV, Sabrina hosts her own television talk show. She has a talent for 'murdering' her guests' reputations on-air. Coincidentally, She is Harry Hopps' ex with a big score to settle.

'Skunky' Brewster - A pioneer in the micro-brewing industry. Skunky, is now retired and 'fermenting' in Florida, as he likes to say. Skunky is attending the Beer Festival to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award and to settle a few old grudges.

Extra Guests Include: (Non-Suspects)

Porter Stout - The local mayor and a man who knows a thing or two about beer-drinking. Porter has worked hard to get national publicity for the festival and will stop at nothing to ensure its success. A pompous politician, he likes to work the crowd at every opportunity. Good hand-shaker.

Heidi Stein - A special guest from Munich, Germany, Heidi is at the Beer Festival to promote the upcoming Octoberfest celebrations in her country. A past polka champion, Heidi is here for a good time, not a long time.


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