Card Games With Special Decks

This is a list of card games that have their own cards - that is, cards specifically designed for that game, such as Pit or Flinch.  Highlighted items are linked to other pages that contain additional information about the game in question.  

  • Authors Card Game.  
  • Continuo.  Color-matching card game. (Possibly out of print.)
  • Flinch.  Stockpile card game, around for over 100 years.
  • Kwa-Do.  Japanese matching card game. (Possibly out of print.)
  • Mille Bornes.  An auto race card game.
  • Mystery Rummy.  Series of rummy games revolving around mysteries.
  • Ouija Oracle.  Card game based on the ouija board. (Possibly out of print.)
  • Pit.  Card game based on commodity trading.
  • Pokeno.  Also known as Po-Ke-No.
  • Rook.  Simpler than bridge, first introduced in 1906.
  • Royalty.  Sort of a rummy word game. (Possibly out of print.)
  • Tripoley.
  • Uno. Very popular card game.
  • WaterWorks.  Card game based on Monopoly board game.
  • Weatherslam.  A cross between Wizard and Hearts, with a weather theme.
  • Wizard.  Popular trump card game.


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