Matters of Etiquette

Proper etiquette seems to be warily regarded by some modern Americans, much to the detriment of all. There is nothing weak about having good manners; quite the contrary.  Real men are, invariably, polite men, and the same can be said of real women.  America's bravest men and women - Washington, Jefferson, Lee, Tubman and others - have always been America's most considerate.  Rudeness and a lack of civility are traits that go hand in hand with weakness of all sorts, especially weak-mindedness, and we should do our utmost to avoid such behavior.

Our belief is that there is a misunderstanding about good manners. Having good manners does not mean engaging in ridiculous fussiness.  Having good manners means, first and foremost, that one conducts oneself with thoughtfulness and consideration for others.  


"Manners are the shadows of virtues; the momentary display of those qualities which our fellow-creatures 
love and respect.  If we strive to become, then, what we strive to appear, manners may often be rendered 
useful guides to the performance of our duties."
-- Sydney Smith


"Good manners are the settled medium of social, as specie is of commercial life;
returns are equally expected from both; and people will no more advance their
civility to a bear than their money to a bankrupt."
-- Chesterfield


"Comport thyself in life as at a banquet.  If a plate is offered thee, extend thy hand
and take it moderately; if it is to be withdrawn, do not detain it.  If it come not to thy
side, make not thy desire loudly known, but wait patiently till it be offered thee."
-- Epictetus


"One of the most important rules as to manners is to be for the most part silent as to 
yourself.  Say little or nothing about yourself, whether good, bad, or indifferent; 
nothing good, for that is vanity; nothing bad, for that is affectation; nothing 
indifferent, for that is silly."
-- Hume



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