Latin Toasts

Toasts in Latin

These Latin toasts were taken from Routledge's Manual of Etiquette. Whether one should toast in Latin depends, obviously, upon the company in which the toast is made. If one can be reasonably certain that most of the attendees will understand the toast, then such a toast is appropriate. If not, it is courteous to follow the toast immediately with a translation. In all cases, it is wise to remember that we do not use Latin to exhibit our own learning, but merely as a way of humbly paying homage to, "the glory that was Rome."

Ad finem esto fidelis. Be faithful to the end.

Amor patriae. The love of our country.

Dilige amicos. Love your friends.

Dum vivimus vivamus. Let us live while we live.

Esto perpetua. Be thou perpetual.

Palmam qid meruit ferate. Let him who has won bear the palm.

Pro aris et focis. For our altars and fireside.

Vox populi vox Dei. The voice of the people is the voice of God.


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