Loyal Toasts (British)

This is taken from Routledge's Manual of Etiquette.


QUEEN VICTORIA: and may her royal offspring adorn the position they are destined to fill.

All the royal family.

A speedy export to all the enemies of Britain without a drawback.

A lasting peace or an honorable war.

A health to our English patriots.

Agriculture and its improvers.

All the societies associated for promoting the happiness of the human race.

All the charitable institutions of Great Britain.

An Englishman’s castle—his house: may it stand for ever.

Britons in unity, and unity in Britain.

British virtue: may it always find a protector, but never need one.

Great Britain’s rising star: the Prince of Wales.

Holy pastors, honest magistrates, and humane rulers.

Improvement to the inventions of our country.

Improvement to our arts, and invention to our artists.

May the sword of Justice be swayed by the hand of Mercy.

May the love of country always prevail.

May St. George’s Channel be the only difference ever known between England and Ireland.

May the eagles of the Continent never build their nests in this little island.

May British valor shine when every other light is out.

May Britons, when they do strike, strike home.

May the populace of our country be remarkable for their loyalty and domestic happiness.

May our sons be honest and fair, and our daughters modest and fair.

May every Briton’s hand be ever hostile to tyranny.

May the annals of Great Britain’s history be unstained with crime and unpolluted With bloody deeds.

May our jurors ever possess sufficient courage to uphold their verdict.

May every Briton manfully withstand corruption.

May we never be afraid to die for our country.

Our wives, homes, country, and Queen.

May the health of our sovereign keep pace with the wishes of her people.

May every Briton manfully withstand tyranny.

May the glory of Britain never cease to shine.

May the honors of our nobility be without stain.

May Britons be invincible by united force.

May the olive of peace renovate the sinking fund of the British nation.

May the throne and the altar never want standing armies to back them.

May Britons secure their conquests by clemency.

May we as citizens be free without faction, and as subjects loyal without servility.

May loyalty flourish for ever.

May liberty ever find an altar in Britain surrounded by devoted worshippers.

May the British bull never be cowed.

May our hearts ever be possessed with the love of country.

May the British soil alone produce freedom’s sons.

May the brave never want protection.

May sovereigns and subjects reign in each other’s hearts by love.

May we ever honestly uphold our rights.

May we never cease to deserve well of country.

May Britons ever defend, with bold unflinching hand,
Their throne, their altar, and their native land.

May the liberties of the people be immortal.

May the heart of an Englishman ever be Liberty Hall.

May the brow of the brave be adorned by the hand of beauty.

May we never find danger lurking on the borders of security.

May the laurels of Great Britain never be blighted.

May all mankind make free to enjoy the blessings of liberty, but never take the liberty to subvert the principles of freedom.

May Britannia’s hand ever be armed with the bolts of Jove.

May the ensign of loyalty float over us—the jack of pure patriotism lead us—and may the pendant of every British man-of-war serve as a cat-o-nine-tails to whip our enemies with.

May England’s name and England’s fame stand for ever pure, great and free.

May every true Briton be possessed of peace, plenty, and content.

May every Briton leave his native land at honor's call,
To fight, to conquer, or, like Wolfe, to fall.

May every Briton act the patriot’s part.

May victory spin the robe of glory for the brave, and fame enroll his deeds.

May the laws never be misconstrued.

May the weight of our taxes never bend the back of our credit.

May increasing success crown the island of traders,
And its shores prove the grave of all foreign invaders.





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