Naval Toasts

[This is taken from Routledge's Manual of Etiquette.]


May our iron-clads do as much as out-brave old oaks.

May John Bull ever be commander-in-chief of the ocean.

May Old England, a world within herself, reign safe for ever in her floating towers.

To the memory of Nelson, and all like him.

Greenwich Hospital and its supporters.

May every American seaman fight bravely and be rewarded honorably.

May rudders govern and ships obey.

May no true son of Neptune ever flinch from his gun.

May no son of the ocean ever be devoured by his mother.

May our navy never know defeat but by name.

May our sailors for ever prove lords of the main.

May the deeds never be forgot that were done at Trafalgar and Waterloo.

May the cause of British liberty ever be defended by her hearts of oak.

May our officers and tars be valiant and brave.

Success to the fair for manning the navy.

May gales of prosperity waft us to the port of happiness.

May our seamen, from the captain to the cabin-boy, be like our ships, hearts of oak.

More hard ships for Britain, and less to her enemies.

May the pilot of reason guide us to the harbor of rest.

May the memory of the noble Nelson inspire every seaman to do his duty.

May the tar who loses one eye in defense of his country, never see distress with the other.


To Nelson’s memory here’s a health,
And to his gallant tars,
And, may our British seamen bold
Despise both wounds and scars;
Make France and Spain,
And all the main,
And all their foes to know,
Britons reign o’er the main
While the stormy winds do blow.

The British navy, the world’s check-string.

The heart of a sailor: may it be like heart of oak.

Though our bold tars are fortune’s sport, may they ever be fortune’s care.

The flag of England: may it ever brave the battle and the breeze.

The sea, the rough sea, the open sea: may our lives be spent upon it.

The sea, the sleepless guardian of the world.

The memory of Lord Howe and the glorious 1st of June.

Safe arrivals to our homeward and outward-bound fleets.



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