Photomosaic Jigsaw Puzzles

While still a student at MIT’s media lab, Robert Silvers created a new technology that changed the nature of art, photography, and computer graphics. This development, called Photomosaics, is a method of arranging thousands of tiny photographs that when viewed from a distance, combine to form a single larger image.

What are mosaics? Mosaics, one of the oldest forms of surface decoration, date back to the 4th-3rd millennium BC. Mosaics take on a painted effect by forming pictures or patterns from compositions of small pieces of various colored materials (glass, stone, ceramics, metals, etc). The most well known mosaics were produced during the Byzantine Empire (4th to 6th century) in Ravenna, Italy. Today, in the age of computers, mosaics have taken on a new form. In 1995 Rob Silvers utilized computers to combine thousands of photographs to make digital mosaics. Thus - Photomosaics™ were born.






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