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I started this page many years ago, back when I was residing in Poultney, Vermont. Back then, the town did not have a website of its own. (The Chamber of Commerce has since remedied that, and their website can be visited at http://www.poultneyvt.com/ .) I liked Poultney. Winters were hard, it's true, but the folks that lived there were, for the most part, people you'd want to live near. Poultney is a small town, so whether you'd like it or not depends a good bit upon how you feel about small town life. Why not go visit, and see for yourself?

Poultney is in many ways the quintessential small town many of us picture in our minds when we think of Vermont. Its quaint little downtown area consists of charming shops on Main Street, as well as the local Post Office and the town's library. At the end of Main Street lies the picturesque campus of Green Mountain College.

Poultney is located in the heart of the Southwestern Lakes Region, long considered one of Vermont's finest summer retreat locations. A beautiful chain of lakes surrounded by rolling hills and cliffs, the area offers fine sailing, fishing, canoeing and more.  Lake St. Catherine, often said to be Vermont's most beautiful lake, is located in the southern tier of Poultney Township.  Lake Bomoseen is a few minutes away.

Golf?  Visit the Lake St. Catherine Golf Course.  Got cabin fever?  In winter there's ice-fishing and snowmobiling, and downhill skiing is just 45 minutes away at Killington, Pico and Middlebury. 

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Truth is, if you like the outdoors there's a lot to do in Poultney; fishing (including ice fishing in the winter), snowmobiling, etc.  Serious hunters and fishermen should stop by Mart's Hunting & Fishing, right on Main Street.

Those who want to "take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints" will also find Poultney congenial.  There's great hiking in the surrounding area, especially by Lake St. Catherine State Park.  And, since Green Mountain College has a curriculum that is heavy on environmental studies, you'll find lots of folks in Poultney who share your interests.  


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