The Redowa, or Redova

[This is taken from Routledge's Manual of Etiquette.]

The step of this waltz somewhat resembles that of the Cellarius, and is used, as we have seen, in dancing the Mazurka Quadrille. It is an elegant waltz, not so lively as the Polka Mazurka, but, if danced in correct time, not too slowly, is very graceful and pleasing. The step is not so difficult as that of the Cellarius; it is almost a Pas de Basque, with the addition of the hop. In all these dances, which partake of the nature of the Mazurka, it is requisite to mark distinctly the first and third beats of every bar, otherwise the peculiar character of the movement is completely lost. We describe the step for the lady as it is employed in the forward movement.

1st beat.—Stand with right foot slightly forward; spring upon it, bringing it behind left foot, which is raised at same moment.

2nd beat.—Slide your left foot forward, bending the knee.

3rd beat.—Bring your right foot, with a slight hop, up behind your left foot, raising the latter and keeping it in front. (One bar.)

1st beat.—Spring Upon your left foot, passing it behind your right, and raising latter.

2nd beat.—Slide right foot forward, bending the knee.

3rd beat.—Bring left foot up to right, with slight hop, and raise right foot at same moment, keeping it in front as before.

When the figure en tournant (circular movement) is employed, the lady begins by sliding the left foot forward, and the right foot backward. Gentleman always does the same, with order of feet reversed.

This dance has been very popular in Paris; in England it is now seldom seen.






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