Roman Ruins Murder Mystery Dinner Party Game

[Please note: We believe this game has gone out of print. This page is maintained for historical purposes.]

An excerpt from the Annals of Tacitius:

"The Reign of Licentius Caesar"
. . .The sudden demise of the greatly beloved Disgustus Caesar could have thrown the Empire into chaos, had this wise ruler not had the foresight to plan an orderly succession. His will attested unequivocally to the character and ability of his chosen heir - his son, Licentius Caesar. Unlike his father at his accession, Licentius had not yet served as a senator, an administrator, or a military commander. In fact, about the only thing Licentius had accomplished thus far had been finishing grammar school - and even that substantially late. But Disgustus was known to be a shrewd judge of character, and Rome was reassured by his unqualified affirmation of Licentius' suitability, as expressed in his will. As he worked to gain the support and cooperation of the various aspects of the Roman power structure, Licentius depended on the talents of his life-long friend, the poet, Flabbius Corpus. Flabbius was best known for his popular works, collected in the Writ of Flabbius Corpus. Eager to enjoy the respect of posterity, as well as the esteem of the populace, Flabbius gathered material for an epic history of the reign of Licentius. . .

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