Scottish Toasts


A health to the friends of Caledonia.

Caledonia, the nursery of learning and the birthplace of heroes.

Scotland and the productions of its soil.

Scottish heroes, and may their fame live for ever.

Scotland, the birthplace of valor, the country of worth.

The Queen and the Scottish Union.

The nobles of Caledonia and their ladies.

To the memory of Scottish heroines.

The Rose, Thistle, and Shamrock: may they flourish by the common graft of union.

To the memory of Scotland’s heroes.

To the memory of those who have gloriously fallen in the noble struggle for independence.

To the Scots - without them, we'd never have had Scotch whisky!



[Editor's note: This page is part of Routledge's Manual of Etiquette, a product of the 19th century, and was originally given as "Scotch Toasts."  Modern usage would substitute "Scottish" for "Scotch."  --DJMc.]





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