Sentimental Toasts for All Occasions

These toasts are taken from Routledge's Manual of Etiquette and will, at least, spur one's imagination when called upon to deliver a brief toast.


May we ever have a sufficiency for ourselves, and a trifle to spare for our friends.

May we always look forward to better times, but never be discontented with the present.

May the miseries of war never more have existence in the world.

May our artists never be forced into artifice to gain applause and fortune.

May solid honor soon take place of seeming religion.

May our thoughts never mislead our judgment.

May filial piety ever be the result of a religious education.

May real merit meet reward, and pretension its punishment.

May prosperity never make us arrogant, nor adversity mean.

May we live happy and die in peace with all mankind.

May the unsuspecting man never be deceived.

May noise and nonsense be ever banished from social company.

May the faults of our neighbors be dim and their virtues glaring.

May industry always be the favorite of Fortune.

May the misfortunes of others be always examined at the chart of our own conduct.

May we never be so base as to envy the happiness of another.

May we live to learn, and learn to live well.

May we be more ready to correct our own faults than to publish the faults of others.

May we never hurt our neighbor's peace by the desire of appearing witty.

Modesty in our discourses, moderation in our wishes, and mutuality in our affections.

May we never envy those who are happy, but strive to imitate them.

May we derive amusement from business and improvement from pleasure.

May our faults be written on the sea-shore, and every good action prove a wave to wash them out.

May virtue find fortune always an attendant.

May we never repine at our condition, nor be depressed by poverty.

May reality strengthen the joys of imagination.

May we never make a sword of our tongue to wound a good man’s reputation.

May our distinguishing mark be merit rather than money.

A heart to glow for others’ good.

A heart to feel and a heart to give.

A period to the sorrows of an ingenuous mind.

A health to our sweethearts, our friends, and our wives:
May fortune smile on them the rest of their lives.

May genius and merit never want a friend.

Adam’s ale: and may so pure an element be always at hand.

All that gives us pleasure.

All our wants and wishes.

All our absent friends on land and sea.

An honest guide and a good pilot.

As we bind so may we find.

As we travel through life may we live well on the road.

May truth and liberty prevail throughout the world.

May we never engage in a bad cause, and never fly from a good one.

May the fruits of New England’s soil never be denied to her children.





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