Sporting Toasts

These toasts are taken from Routledge's Manual of Etiquette.


May the lovers of the chase never want the comforts of life.

May every fox-hunter be well mounted.

May we always enjoy the pleasures of shootings and succeed with foul and fair.

The staunch hound that never spends tongue but where he ought.

The gallant huntsman that plunges into the deep in pursuit of his game.

The clear-sighted sportsman that sees his game with one eye.

The steady sportsman that always brings down his game.

The beagle that runs by nose and not by sight.

The jolly sportsman that never beats about the bush.

The huntsman’s pleasures—the field in the morning and the bottle at night.

The joys of angling.

The jolly sportsman who enters the covert without being bit by the fox.

May the pleasures of sportsmen never know an end.

May the jolly fox-hunter never want freedom of soul nor liberality of heart.

May we always gain fresh vigor from the joys of the chase.

May the sportsman’s day be spent in pleasure.

May strength the sportsman’s nerves in vigor brace;
May cruelty ne’er stain with foul disgrace
The well-earned pleasures of the chase.

May the love of the chase never interrupt our attention of the welfare of the country.

May every sport prove as innocent as that of the field.

May the bows of all American bowmen be strong, their strings sound, and may their arrows fly straight to the mark.

May we always run the game breast high.

May those who love the crack of the whip never want a brush to pursue.

May the heart of a sportsman never know affliction but by name.


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