Unicorn Tarot


Artist: Suzanne Star and Liz Hilton
Size: 45/8" x 7"


Description from the manufacturer: "The magical unicorn offers wisdom and guidance in this enchanting tarot deck. Unicorns, the spiritual beasts of mythology, may very well be real!  Join acclaimed psychic Suzanne Star as she goes in search of unicorns and the wisdom they bring into our lives. The fabulous unicorn has the power to reveal our best qualities and strengths.   All the tools you need in the search for the mythical unicorn are combined in this vibrant tarot deck and book set.  The 78-card tarot deck with paintings by Liz Hilton, and Suzanne Star's handbook, In Search of Unicorns, provides beginners and seasoned tarot experts with a magical new perspective on tarot cards."

The set includes:

Deck printed in Belgium.


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