Amatory Toasts

Including Wedding Toasts

May we kiss whom we please, and please whom we kiss.

May the bud of affection be ripened by the sunshine of sincerity.

May a virtuous offspring succeed to mutual and honorable love.

May the presence of the fair curb the licentious.

May the confidence of love be rewarded with constancy in its object.

May the honorable lover attain the object of his wishes.

May the lovers of the fair be modest, faithful, and kind.

May the wings of love never lose a feather.

May the blush of conscious innocence ever deck the faces of the British fair.

May the union of persons always be founded on that of hearts.

May the generous heart ever meet a chaste mate.

May the temper of our wives be suited to those of their husbands.

May true passion never meet with a slight.

May every woman have a protector, but not a tyrant.

Laughing lovers to merry maids.

Love and opportunity.

Love’s slavery.

Love without licentiousness, and pleasure without excess.

Love, liberty, and length of blissful days.

Love without fear, and life without care.

Love for one.

Life, love, liberty, and true friendship.

Love in every breast, liberty in every heart, and learning in every head.

Love at liberty, and liberty in love.

Love: may it never make a wise man play the fool.

Artless love and disinterested friendship.

All that love can give, and sensibility enjoy.

A speedy union to every lad and lass.

Beauty’s best companion—Modesty.

Beauty, innocence, and modest merit.

Beauty without affectation, and virtue without deceit.

Community of goods, unity of hearts, nobility of sentiment, and truth of feeling to the lovers of the fair sex.

Charms to strike the sight, and merit to win the heart.

Constancy in love, and sincerity in friendship.

Here’s a health to the maid that is constant and kind, Who to charms bright as Venus’s adds Diana’s mind.  I’ll toast Britain’s daughters—let all fill their glasses—

Whose beauty and virtue the whole world surpasses. 

May blessings attend them, go wherever they will,
And foul fall the man that e’er offers them ill.

Love without deceit, and matrimony without regret.

Love’s garlands: may they ever entwine the brows of every true-hearted lover.

Lovely woman—man’s best and dearest gift of life.

Love to one, friendship to a few, and good-will to all.

Long life, pure love, and boundless liberty.

May love and reason be friends, and beauty and prudence marry.

May the lovers of the fair sex never want the means to defend them.

May the sparks of love brighten into a flame.

May the joys of the fair give pleasure to the heart.

May we be loved by those whom we love.



This is taken from Routledge's Manual of Etiquette.





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