The Caledonians

This quadrille has, within the last few years become more fashionable than formerly. But it is not so frequently danced as the Lancers, still less as the First Set of Quadrilles. Each set can consist only of eight couples, differing in this respect from the simple quadrille, which admits of an indefinite number of couples.

1st Figure.—Top and opposite couples hands across; then back again; balancez and turn partners; chaine des dames; half promenade across; half right and left to places.

2nd Figure.—Top gentleman advances and retreats twice. Balancez to corners and turn, each lady passing to her next neighbor's place.  Having changed your partner, all promenade quite round. Second, third, and fourth gentleman repeat same figure; thus all have regained their places.

3rd Figure.—Top lady and vis-à-vis gentleman advance and retreat twice. Top couple join hands and cross over; opposite couple cross likewise, separately, allowing top couple to pass between them; then top couple re-cross to places separately, leaving the second couple (who re-cross with joined hands) inside.

Balancez to corners and turn your neighbor's partner; back to places. All four couples, joining hands in circle, advance and retreat twice. Same figure repeated by second and side couples.

4th Figure.—Top lady and vis-à-vis gentleman advance four steps; second lady and her vis-à-vis then do the same; each couple turns partner back to places. Ladies in all four couples move four steps to the right, each taking her neighbor's place; gentlemen then move four steps to the left, each into next neighbor's place. Ladies again to the right; gentlemen again to the left. Promenade round, turn partners to places. Second and side couples repeat in succession.

5th Figure.—First couple promenade round inside the quadrille. Four ladies advance, courtesy to each other, and retire; four gentlemen advance, bow, and retire. Balancez and turn partners. Grand chain half way round. All promenade to places, and turn partners. All chassez croisez, ladies right, gentlemen left (behind their partners), and back again to places. Second and side couples repeat as before. Promenade all round for finale.


This is taken from Routledge's Manual of Etiquette.




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