Conservative British Toasts

A health to those ladies who set the example of wearing British productions.

May Her Majesty’s Ministers ever have wisdom to plan our institutions, and energy and firmness to support them.

Confusion to all demagogues.

May the productions of Britain’s isle never be invaded by foreigners.

May the throne and the altar never want standing armies to back them.

Our old nobility.

The man who builds up rather than he who pulls down.

The loyal adherents of the Queen and the true friends of the people.

The equilibrium of State, may it always be preserved.

The ancient ways.

Judicious reforms and reformers.

The universal advancement of the arts and sciences.

All our independent nobles and noble hearts.

May the dispensers of justice ever be impartial.

May French principles never corrupt English manners.

May the interests of the monarch and monarchy never be thought distinct.

May the worth of the nation be ever inestimable.

May taxation be lessened annually.

May the Gallic cock be always clipped by British valor if he crows too loud.

May the sword of justice be swayed by the hand of mercy.

May the seeds of dissension never find growth in the soil of Great Britain.

May the love of country be imprinted in every Briton’s breast.

May our statesmen ever possess the justice of a More and the wisdom of a Bacon.

Queen and Country.

Liberty, not license.

Confusion to all men who desert their party.

Party ties before all other ties.

The Queen: may she outlive her Ministers, and may they live long.

A lasting cement to all contending powers.

The protectors of commerce and the promoters of charity.

A revision of the code of criminal laws.

The Bar, the Pulpit, and the Throne.


This is taken from Routledge's Manual of Etiquette.




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