The Gallop

[This is taken from the Ballroom Guide]


The Galop (or Gallop), as its name implies, is the quintessence of all the “fast” dances. At the time of the Polka mania it was very much in vogue, and was almost as great a favorite as the Deux Temps. Although its popularity has greatly declined of late, it generally occurs twice or thrice in the programme of every ball-room; and the music of the Galop is, like the dance itself, so gay and spirited, that we should regret to see it wholly laid aside. The step is similar to that of the Deux Temps Valse, but the time is 2/4, and as quick as possible. Two chassez steps are made in each bar. The figure can be varied by taking four or eight steps in the same direction, or by turning with every two steps, as in the Deux Temps. Like all round dances, it admits of an unlimited number of couples. Being, perhaps, the most easy of any, every one takes part in it, and the room is generally crowded during its continuance. A special amount of care is therefore necessary on the part of the gentleman to protect his partner from accidents.




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