Liberal Toasts

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May the miseries of war be banished from all enlightened nations.

Annihilation to the trade of corruption.

An Englishman’s birthright: trial by jury.

Addition to our trade, multiplication to our manufactures, subtraction to taxes, and reduction to places and pensions.

All the honest reformers of our country.

Britain: may the land of our nativity ever be the abode of freedom, and the birthplace of heroes.

Britain’s annals: may they never suffer a moral or political blot.

Confusion to those who barter the cause of their country for sordid gain.

Confusion to those who, wearing the mask of patriotism, pull it off and desert the cause of liberty in the hour of trial.

Confusion to those despots who combine against the liberties of mankind.

Disappointment to all those who form expectations of places and pensions on the ruin of their country.

Everlasting life to the man who gave the death-blow to the slave trade.

Community, unity, navigation, and trade.

Faith in every kind of commerce.

Freedom to the oppressed, and slavery to the oppressors.

Freedom to all who dare contend for it.

Oblivion to all party rage.

Humanity to all created beings, especially to our own species, whether black or white.

No party except mankind.

May the meanest Briton scorn the highest slave.

Old England: and may those who ill-use her be speedily kicked off.

May Great Britain and Ireland be ever equally distinguished by their love of liberty and true patriotism.

May every succeeding century maintain the principles of the glorious Revolution, enjoy the blessings of them, and transmit them to future ages unimpaired and improved.

May the whole universe be incorporated in one city, and every inhabitant presented with the freedom.

May Britons share the triumphs of freedom, and ever contend for the rights and liberties of mankind.

May freedom’s fire take new birth at the grave of liberty.

May our country be, as it has ever been, a secure asylum to the unfortunate and oppressed.

High wages, and sense to keep them.

May the freedom of election be preserved, the trial by jury maintained, and the liberty of the press secured to the latest posterity.

May the tree of liberty flourish round the globe, and every human being partake of the fruits.

May truth and liberty prevail throughout the world.

May all partial and impolitic taxes be abolished.

May Britons never have a tyrant to oppose either in Church or State.

May the sons of liberty marry the daughters of virtue.

May Britons never suffer invasion, nor invade the rights of others.

May our trade and manufactures be unrestrained by the fetters of monopoly.

May the whole world become more enlightened and civilized.

May revolutions never cease while tyranny exists.

Our constitution as settled at the Revolution.

The memory of our brave ancestors who brought about the Revolution, and may a similar spirit actuate their descendants.

The sacred decree of heaven—Let all mankind be free.

The Constitution; and confusion to those who dislike it.

The people—the only source of legitimate power.

The subject of liberty and the liberty of the subject.

The greatest happiness of the greatest number.

May the nation that plots against another’s liberty or prosperity fall a victim to its own intrigues.




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