The New Waltz

This graceful variation of the waltz movement has not long been introduced into England, and is not yet so universally popular as it promises to become. It was, however, much danced in London last year, and there is reason to believe that it will be the favorite dance this season. It is more elegant than the Waltz a Deux Temps, and more spirited than the Cellarius. The tempo is slower than that of the ordinary waltz. The step is extremely simple.

Gentleman takes his partner as for the Waltz a Deux Temps. Fall on the left foot, and make two glissades with the right (1st bar).  Repeat, reversing order of feet (2nd bar). Lady begins with her right foot as usual. The step is the same throughout. Figure en tournant.

The peculiarity of this Waltz lies in its accent, which cannot be properly explained in words, but must be seen to be understood. We recommend our readers to lose no time in acquiring a correct knowledge of the New Waltz. It is unquestionably the most easy and most graceful dance which has appeared of late years, and we are told on first-rate authority that it is destined to a long career of triumphs.


This is taken from Routledge's Manual of Etiquette.




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