Agent Pendergast Novels in Order

My older brother and I do not consider ourselves to be literary snobs, but we both have degrees in English literature, and read quite a bit of what might be considered "high literature" in our early days. Thus, it amused us to find that we both enjoyed the Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child novels. I apologize if this sounds as though I am damning the books with faint praise, for I am not; the books, especially those featuring Special Agent Pendergast, are a sort of guilty pleasure, and I think I now have a better understanding of how highly educated women must feel when they read those romance novels with the shirtless heroes on the covers. Or maybe not . . .

The books themselves are very popular and very well-written. There are, as one might expect, some books that are better than others. I very much liked The Cabinet of Curiosities and wasn't all that taken with Still Life with Crows; this has to do with plot, subject matter and personal taste. Needless to say, I've read them all, and now pre-order the next book in the series as soon as that option is available.

One need not read the Pendergast books in order of appearance - my first was Cemetery Dance - but if one would like to read the books in order, which is probably the preferred method, here's the list:

  • Relic
  • Reliquary (the sequel to Relic, as one might guess from the title)
  • The Cabinet of Curiosities
  • Still Life with Crows
  • Brimstone
  • Dance of Death
  • The Book of the Dead
  • The Wheel of Darkness
  • Cemetery Dance
  • Fever Dream
  • Cold Vengeance
  • Two Graves
  • Extraction (Short story)
  • White Fire
  • Blue Labyrinth
  • Crimson Shore






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