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Pipe-smoking relative

By D. J. McAdam

It is never an easy thing to have relatives, and yet many of us find that we do. The difficulty increases when family relations are literary, or artistic, or both.

I am, by nature, something of a critic; and whether or not my critiques are always on point, they are honestly felt. For that reason, I have at one time or another offended various family members by refusing to read their unpublished manuscripts or view artworks that are in progress. (For the record, I don't read anyone's unpublished manuscripts.)

If and when such works enter into commerce, I still avoid commenting on such works, for the simple reason that my comments would appear to be reviews, and I cannot offer unbiased reviews of works by relatives. This puts me at times in a bit of a quandary. If, for instance, a relative illustrated a book or wrote a short story that I really enjoyed, there is no way that I can say so on this website, or go into Amazon and give it five stars.

Hence, this page. What I've decided is that, when relatives have books or other works published, I will list them here, with brief descriptions, so that my readers can seek them out and form their own opinions:

Susan McAdam

Frank McAdam

  • New York Sonata. (2014.) Novel, available as an e-book for Amazon Kindle. Themes include classical music and old New York.




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