Murder Mystery Party Games

What good is a dinner party without a juicy murder to solve?  If there's no crime, why even have a dinner party?  We mean, really - which would you rather be invited to: a dinner party where you actually have a fairly good chance of having fun, or one where you sit around all night discussing the relevance of Hegelian economic theory in the 21st century?  If you answered "I want fun!", click on one of the links below.  If you answered "But Hegelian theory is fun!", try to get out more.

How to Host a Murder Titles Include:

  • How To Host A Murder - An Affair to Dismember  - Halloween theme, but you could play this and have fun at any time of the year.

  • The Good, the Bad, and the Guilty  - murder in the Old West.  Lots of fun, easy to dress up for, easy food - I mean, it's not like they had Cordon Bleu chefs out in the Old West, did they, pardner?

  • Hoo Hung Wu - set in 8th century China.  And who doesn't like Chinese food?

  • Chicago Caper - gangsters in Chicago - another very popular game.

  • The Class of '54 - because rock and roll will never die . . .

  • Maiming of the Shrew - Shakespearean Christmas theme to die for.

  • It's the Pits

  • Last Train from Paris

  • Star Trek

  • Roman Ruins

  • The Duke's Descent


Murder a la Carte Titles Include

  • Lethal Luau Murder Mystery Party Game

  • Pasta Passion & Pistols Mystery Dinner Party Game - Who doesn't love Italian food?

  • Murder on the Grill - Get the barbecue going!

  • A Taste for Wine and Murder Mystery Game  

  • Staying Alive - a mystery game with a disco beat.

  • Brewing Trouble

  • Unhappy Hour

  • Icicle Twist

  • Murder on Misty Island

  • Murder at Mardi Gras


How to Host A Teen Mystery (ages 12-17) Titles Include:

  • Hot Times at Hollywood High - it's up to these teens to save the school . . . 

  • How to Host a Teen Mystery: Barbecue with the Vampire - someone likes his or her steak extra rare!

  • Roswell That Ends Well - newest in the series, very popular UFO theme.







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